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Mr Spam Gets a New Hat

Bill Joyce


Mr Spam Gets a New Hat is project that tested new technology at Dneg. We used Unreal Engine to craft this film and achieve visual fidelity to has outpaced anything done in a game engine at this calibre.




I worked on Cursed at DnegTV for half a year as a Lighting TD dealing with integrating CG elements seamlessly with what was shot on set, including city extensions, props and creatures.

The Lion King



I worked on the stunning film - Disney's The Lion King for almost a year from 2018. I joined the team at MPC Film London as a Lighting TD. It was a great honour and a dream-come-true moment for me to work on the reimagining of this iconic film.

Ron's Gone Wrong

20th Century Studios / Disney


This is Dneg Feature Animation's first feature animated film and it was a pleasure for me to be part of this special journey. I was a lighting artist on this show for around 7 months.

The New Pope



I wrapped on The New Pope for HBO. The challenge here was creating the vast environment of The Vatican and the thousands of CG crowd agents. Something new I started to do was Layout which I found to come quite natural with Lighting and now I am doing a lot more of.

Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance



I worked on the Netflix TV remake of Jim Henson's cult classic - The Dark Chrystal. I started my time with the talented team at Dneg in London on this project as a Lighting TD.