Chrysalis is an ambitious and experimental 3D Short Film created at University of Hertfordshire by Final Year students.

The film tries to capture and further expand and explore the beauty between the balance of nature and technology through classic cinematography principles and the latest in 3D Animation technology and techniques.

The film is created by Boyan Georgiev, Sity-Aisyah Sulaiman, Yi Tak Leung, with the help of freelance students from the course, lecturers and tech staff.

Chrysalis has been awarded the Jury's Special Mention Award at the 2017 UH Animation Expose.

I am responsible for the butterfly modeling, texturing, LookDev, robot texturing and LookDev, all lighting, and half of the compositing.

Software used - Maya, Mari, Arnold, Nuke, Photoshop, Premiere, 

Chrysalis Butterfly